1) Benjamin Netanyahu, 2) Adam Sandler, 3) Joe Lieberman, 4) Barbra Streisand, 5) Steven Spielberg, 6) Chelsea Handler, 7) Ed Koch, 8) Sandy Koufax, 9) Don Rickles, 10), Mark Lerner, 11) Ben Cardin, 12) Drake, 13) Alan Gross, 14) Mark Lerner, 15) David Stern, 16) Gabrielle Giffords, 17) Sid Luckman, 18) Aly Raisman, 19) Elena Kagan, 20) Adam Levine, 21) Henry Winkler, 22) Alan Veingrad, 23) Michael Bloomberg, 24) Howard Stern and 25) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Receiving votes = Mike Epstein, Scarlett Johansson, Barbara Walters, Geraldo Rivera, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer, Tony Kornheiser, Adam Silver, Neil Diamond, Ossie Schectman, Bar Refaeli, Elvis Presley, Sarah Silverman, Yuri Foreman, Joey King and Jeff Goldblum

Future considerations if confirmed to be Jewish = Christopher Columbus & Abraham Lincoln.


Adam Pearlman was #1 but he got killed in Pakistan. Adam had a Jewish father but became a spokesman for Al-Qaeda. 1) George Soros - grew up in Hungary, survived the Nazis and now is very anti-Israel. 2) John Kerry - the man has a Jewish father and does not even know the Jews have been in Israel for thousands of years. 3) Dana Milbank - Washington Post writer that only focuses his hate on Donald Trump but ignores the problems with my party - the Democrats.